Friday, April 13, 2018

Earth day 2

Simple things you can do today to make a difference

As part of my "Earth day series" here is a reminder of all the ways we could all save a little energy, guaranteed. If we all did just half of these, we could save a lot of energy.  These are all things everybody has heard before. Nothing below is new.  Try to implement some of these ideas today.   
1) Clean your refrigerator coils:  It's a hassle to pull the frig out, but hey "just do it once".  Wipe the coils down with a damp clothe  This can save an average of 6%.

2) Check the tire pressure on you car tires:  The hardest part is finding a tire gauge that works!  Hey big shot, just go buy one for $1.50 at the auto store or your local gas station. It will probably pay of itself in the first tank of gas.  Don't know your tire pressure?  I'd guess it's 34 lbs without even knowing what kind of car you drive.  But it should be printed on the side of your tires.
3) Set up a clothes line:  I don't know what else to tell you about this one.  We dry our sheets mostly.  They really do smell better. You can do towels, but it helps to put them in the drier for the last 10-15 minutes so they soften up.
4) Get the junk out of your trunk:  Get that 25 lb bag of dog food out of your car!  Every 100 lbs can reduce your cars efficiency by 2%. Want even better fuel efficiency?  Take off that roof rack, ski season's over Spider Savage!
5) Replace your standard light bulbs with high efficiency bulbs:  if every household in the state replaced four 100-watt incandescent light bulbs with four 27-watt compact fluorescent bulbs (the CF equivalent of a 100-watt light), burning on average for five hours a day, the state would save 22 gigawatt-hours per day (a gigawatt is 1,000 megawatts) - enough energy to shut down 17 power plants. Now that would be nice!
5) Now this last one take a real commitment.  I don't know if I should list it.  It's tough and dirty.  Clean the lint out of your dryer vent - every load!  Not once a week, not every other load, but everytime.
6) Turn your computer off at night: I don't know why I do it, but even I am guilty of this.  Just because your screen is in sleep mode doesn't mean you not buring $$$.  I guess I'm affraid I'll miss an important blog.

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