Saturday, April 14, 2018

Earth Day Office stuff

As part of my "Earth day series" here is a reminder of all the ways we could all save a little energy, guaranteed. If we all did just half of these, we could save a lot of energy.  These are all things everybody has heard before. Nothing below is new.  
Easy things you can do right now!
  • Remove, or put on a timer, non-essential decorative lighting. 
  • Clean coils on your break room refrigerator. 
  • Put office equipment on a power strip so that after you shut down your PC, you can turn everything else off by hitting the switch on the power strip.  Turning off a power strip also eliminates "ghost power" which is the power a utility still uses even in the off position

Ideas that require some effort:  
  • Remove non-essential fluorescent lights and install reflectors
  • Install blinds or shades to keep the building cool in the summer 
  • Install programmable thermostats to turn your HVAC system off when the building is not occupied
  • Install motion sensor in frequently unoccupied areas such as restrooms or storage areas 

Ideas for the more committed:  
  • Lap tops consume 90% less energy than desk tops 
  • Ink jet printer consume 90% less than Laser printers 
  • Rewire bathroom fans to operate only when the light is on 
  • Replace old HVAC system with new energy-efficient system
  • When buying office equipment buy Energy Star 

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