Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I live in Rincon Valley, where wildlife is abundant.  I am currently trying to rid myself 3-4 raccoons that come into my garage at night through the cat door, and raid the pet food.  I don't know if you've ever cornered a raccoon, but they are mean, and I wouldn't want one to attack me!  

A friend of mine has a small trap that he offered to lend me.  "I catch them all the time" he said. In the morning I take them up to Mark West Creek and let them go.  (Mark West Creek is about 8 miles away in a different water shed).
Well, let me tell you the truth about trapping and releasing small animals in California.  It's illegal!  Sounds like a humane way to deal with nuisance, but actually it's cruel, and dangerous.
Trapped raccoon
 1.   It's cruel because these rodents are not as wild as you think.  They were probably born and raised close by, and become adjusted to looking for easy human food and garbage.  To trap them and take them out of their environment is almost a death sentence. Not to mention any possible young that depend on that animal you trapped animal for survival. 
2.   It spreads disease.  Animals in a geographical zone may have different strains of disease that when relocated, spread to other animals.

It is far more humane to simply remove the source (food, shelter) so the nuisance animal goes elsewhere. 

California law T 14 CCR Sect 465.5 states: "A trapper must either euthanize a trapped animal or release it within 100 yards immediately."

If you are unable to deter local rodents and animals properly, call the Sonoma County Animal Control for advice.  
  • Sonoma County Animal Services
  • 707.565.7100
  • 1247 Century Ct Santa Rosa, CA 95403
  • Web Page

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