Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sold: 9617 Lord Windsor

Sold $700,000

Sold 9617 Lord Windsor, CA

List Price: $697,500
Final Sales Price: $700,000 (cash)
Other buyer concessions: Seller can remain in the home for 60 days free after closing
Requested repairs: None
Loan contingency: None
Appraisal contingency: None
Inspection contingency: 7 days

The sellers benefited from ordering a pest report and home inspection report prior to putting the home on the market.  By doing this, the buyers have no reason to negotiate repairs during escrow.  It also gave the seller a chance to make some repairs prior to going on the market.  Buyers reduced their inspection contingency to just 7 days do to all the reports available to buyer prior to writing their offer.

We were able to generate a lot of interest in this home by scheduling a combination of open houses and broker's opens to create buyer excitement in the home.  From there, we advertised that we were looking at offers on a specific date and not before.  By the time that date arrived, a number of agents were chomping at the bit to submit offers.  One offer was actually submitted early, but my clients did not want to see it before the review date we had scheduled. 

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