Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Green Shopping

Tips for Green Shopping

As part of my "Earth day series" here is a reminder of all the ways we could all save a little energy, guaranteed. If we all did just half of these; we could save a lot of energy. These are all things everybody has heard before. Nothing below is new.


  • Buy a reusable shopping bag. They're better, can hold more stuff without breaking and some stores give you a discount!

  • Buy products in the largest size you can use. You'll get a better price per serving, make fewer trips to the store, throw away less packaging material.

  • Purchase what you can in bulk and store them at home in glass mason jars or plastic ware.

  • If you buy purified water, buy it in large plastic jugs instead of small individual bottles. Or, switch from bottled water by installing a water filter on your tap, saving resources and money.A lot of supermarkets allow you to bring in your large water cooler bottle and fill up with filtered water for a reasonable price.

Takes a little work

  • Buy reusable and long-lasting items such as rechargeable batteries, cloth diapers, non-disposable cameras, cloth towels and napkins, hand razors, high quality/long life tires, and coffee mugs.

For the more committed

  • Walking to the store saves gas and provides you with great physical fitness. Plus you don't have to worry about your car door getting "dinged".
  • Shop for food that is organic, locally grown or processed, and doesn't contain pesticides or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

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