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Rincon Valley

Living in Santa Rosa's Rincon Valley

Photo by: Jim Cheney Broker/Owner Saint Francis Properties "Your Rincon Valley Realtor"
Mayacama Mountains border the north side of Rincon Valley

Santa Rosa is a medium sized city in Northern California.  Santa Rosa is the county seat of Sonoma County which is known for producing world-class wines.  Napa County and Sonoma County are jointly known as "The Wine Country".

Santa Rosa has about 170,000 people and is perfectly divided by two highways that intersect in the center of town, dividing Santa Rosa into four almost equal quarters.  US 101 which travels north and south and divides the town into East and West Santa Rosa.  Hwy 12, which runs east to west divides the town into North and South.

Northeast Santa Rosa has a number of established neighborhoods; Fountaingrove, Hidden Valley, Junior College, Proctor Terrace, Montgomery Village, Oakmont, Skyhawk, and Rincon Valley.


Rincon Valley is most notably known for the big white cross on its northern hillside high above Skyhawk.   Created in 1981 by a retired San Francisco Police Lieutenant and war veteran, it has been the welcome symbol of Rincon Valley for decades.
Photo by: Jim Cheney Broker/Owner Saint Francis Properties "Your Rincon Valley Realtor"
The white cross is a familiar sight in Rincon Valley


Rincon Valley, which makes up most of the 95409 zip code has about 27,000 residents living in about 17,000 homes and/or apartments.  36% of the residents are renters (46% is state av.) Rincon Valley is approx. 38 sq. miles with 709 residents per sq mi (low density).  It sits between 2 ranges of hills and is made up of mostly older homes.  If you had to describe an average home, it would be a 1970's single level ranch style home on a 6000 sq ft lot although there is quite a variety of homes, newer and older.  2018 property values (2nd Q 2018 95409 SFR):
  • Median-priced home   $720,000
  • Average-priced home $803.730

Photo by: Jim Cheney Broker/Owner Saint Francis Properties "Your Rincon Valley Realtor"
One of my favorite Rincon Valley developments the Brush Creek Villas

Planned Unit Developments (PUD's):

There are a number of affordable townhomes, and condominiums for first-time homeowners, people downsizing, and others who do not need a more expensive home.  For those people, I frequently direct them to the following developments:

  • Wild Oak
  • Schoolhouse Creek
  • Villa Los Alamos
  • Brush Creek Villas
  • The Cascades
  • Mission Lake


The average age is 51 years old.  The average income is approx. $67,500+, slightly lower than the state average.  This paragraph was written for statistical purposes only. Information was obtained from City-data and can be found at City-Data.

Rincon Valley residents (over 25 years old) education achievement:
  • High school or higher: 95.5%
  • Bachelor's degree or higher: 46.3%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 19.6%
  • Unemployed: 3.8%
  • Mean travel time to work (commute): 24.4 minutes
Photo by: Jim Cheney Broker/owner of Saint Francis Properties "Your Rincon Valley Realtor"
Locals listen to Band Camp at St Francis Winery while waiting for the evening movie to start

Photo: Jim Cheney, Broker/Owner Saint Francis Properties "Your Rincon Valley Realtor"
Tracks and an old rail car are all that remain at this Annadel quarry


Rincon Valley historically was known for agriculture specifically cherry, and walnut trees. Currently, it has a nice variety of historic buildings and places.  Mining was a major industry in the 1800's.  Evidence of turn-of-the-century mining is still around.  From the Stone House on Hwy 12 to the Melitta Inn on Melita Rd, residents live among the history of our county without even knowing it.  Stone pavers from the hills in Rincon Valley made up San Francisco streets and buildings.  For those who know where to look, the historic quarries in Rincon Valley can still be found.

State Parks:

There are 2 California State Parks in Rincon Valley and a 3rd about 20 minutes down Hwy 12.  Annadel State Park and Sugarloaf State Park are two of our park highlights.  Annadel is one of the best places to mountain bike north of Marin.  Sugarloaf has one of highest mountain peaks in Sonoma County with views looking to San Francisco with ample camping.  Jack London State Park is technically in Glen Ellen but is only a 15-minute drive down Hwy 12.  Its highlights are London's ranch, the ruins of Jack London's Wolf House, and the cottage he and his wife Charmian lived in.
Photo: Jim Cheney Broker/Owner of Saint Francis Properties "Your Rincon Valley Realtor"
Lake Isanjo, the treasure of Annadel

County Parks:

Rincon Valley has 2 outstanding county parks:
Both are very different.  Spring Lake was originally developed in the 1960's to serve as a flood control project for the City of Santa Rosa.  It has continued to develop into one of the busiest parks in the regional park system.  Some of the activities there are:

Par course
and more...

Hood Mountain is quite the opposite.  Some hiking trails and a couple of environmental campgrounds, but otherwise it's all nature.
Photo: Jim Cheney Broker/Owner Saint Francis Properties "Your Rincon Valley Realtor"
A hiker passes wildflowers on the Grandmother Tree trail in Hood Mt Regional Park

Elementary Education:

Most of the elementary schools are highly thought of in Rincon Valley, Austin Creek, Madrone, Whited, Sequoia, and Binkley.  The elementary schools fall under the authority of the Rincon Valley Unified School District.  

High School:
The high school, Maria Carrillo, is only a few years old and sits on the outskirts of Rincon Valley with beautiful views of the surrounding hills. There are a number of private elementary, charter and high schools.


Rincon Valley has a handful of churches all within a short drive.  Lutheran, Catholic, Latter Day Saints are just a few of the 10 churches located in this part of town.  There is something for everybody looking for a place to worship.  


One of the nice things about Rincon Valley is that the businesses are smaller, and mostly family owned.  There are no big "box stores".  I believe the largest "chain" store is Safeway in the St. Francis Shopping Center.  Rincon Valley is serviced by two small to medium sized shopping centers, St. Francis, Monticeto.  In each, the anchor tenant is the supermarket.  Both are full of the usual businesses, barbers, hardware, ice cream, pizza, cleaners, etc. There are quaint, local services such as Rincon Valley Yard and Garden, Oliver's Market, and the Trail House.


There are lots of things to do in and near Rincon Valley:
Wine Country Polo
Funky Friday
Montgomery Village Concerts Series
Dog-Friendly Wineries
Rincon Valley Dog Park Social
Swimming Lagoon
Vineyard Dog Walks

Thinking of relocating to the Northbay?  Consider Rincon Valley.  Rincon Valley is a beautiful place to live. It offers most services a person would want with a small town atmosphere.

I love living in Rincon Valley!  I've lived here since 1995 and can't imagine living in a better North Bay community.  Call me today if you're interested in buying a home in Rincon Valley, or if you'd like to list your Rincon Valley home for sale.  

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