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Dog-Friendly Wineries in Rincon Valley

Take your dogs out for a fun day in the wine country

 wineries in Rincon Valley.  A number of them advertise that they are "dog-friendly". I took the dogs out to test just how "dog-friendly"  they were.  Here's what I found. 

 St.Francis Winery

Saint Francis has one of the best wine tasting lawns in Sonoma County

100 Pythian Rd Santa Rosa

Great red and white wines.  We were told the dogs were welcome, but we were asked to sit outside in the garden with them.  The staff was courteous and gave them some attention.  There were bowls of water around for them to drink from.  The staff came outside to serve us wine and a cheese pairing.  There were a few other dogs present.

Bottom line:
Tasting fee: $15 ea
Wine: Great
Staff: Appreciative
Dog-Friendly: Yes, would go back with or without my dogs


101 Adobe Canyon Rd Kenwood, CA

Great red and white varietals.  Dogs were allowed anywhere on the grounds to include the tasting room.  Both tasting room staffers came out to see the dogs and pet them.  Both said that almost all Landmark tasting room staffers have dogs.  No other dogs were present.
Bagle and Jerry enjoying some tasting room attention

Bottom line:
Tasting fee: Yes
Wine: Only Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. All were delicious.
Staff: Appreciative and interested in our dogs
Dog-Friendly: Yes, would definitely go back with my dogs

Loxton Cellars

11466 Dunbar Road  Glen Ellen
Loxton is a very small production winery (3000 cases) on Dunbar Road.  I've never heard of it but we saw it on a list of dog-friendly wineries.  We were served by the winemaker Chris Loxton who told us about all his wines and the history of the winery.

We tried a variety of reds, whites and late harvest dessert wine.  All wonderful.  Chris and a staffer were interested in our dogs and we shared dog stories.  Water was brought out for them.  No other patrons or dogs were present.

Bottom line:
Tasting fee: $10, refundable with wine purchase
Wine: Nice variety with small batch quality
Staff: Wonderful, friendly, talkative, liked dogs
Dog-Friendly: Yes, definitely would go back

Kunde Winery

Kunde is one of the most dog-friendly wineries I've been too.  Lots of treats, water, and attention.  Kunde offers a number of dog-friendly​ events.  Our favorite is the vineyard dog hike offered several times a year.  The hike is 3-4 miles in the beautiful hills above the winery with several stops for wine tasting. Oh, the wines are great too.

Enjoying some Red Dirt Red on a Kunde dog hike

Bottom line:
Very dog-friendly
Great wines
Tasting fee $15
Staff: Expressed interest in our dogs
Fun events

Ledson Winery

Ledson Winery was built in the 1990s.  Its advertising tag line was: "come visit the castle".  The home looks like a chateau on steroids. We were escorted to a tasting area with 4 other people.  There was no water available, none of the staff seemed to care that we had dogs with us, and paid little attention to them.

We paid $20 and $30 for our tastings.  We sampled mediocre whites, Pinot Noirs, Zinfandels, and Cab.  At best, some were okay. Since the price of the tasting was so expensive, we inquired if purchasing some of the so-so wine would cause the tasting fee to be waived.  The said "NO"  we would still have to pay the tasting fee.  We bought no wine and see no reason to go back with or without the dogs.

Bottom line:
Tasting fee: outrageously high whether you buy wine or not
Wine: not impressed
Staff: indifferent to our dogs.  No water or treats
Dog-friendly: Dogs are allowed

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